The Rozhen Monastery is the biggest sanctuary in the Pirin area. It is one of the few medieval Bulgarian monasteries that has survived throughout the ages almost intact up to the present days.  The monastery in built in the XIII century, situated at about 7 km away from Melnik in the lower parts of the Pirin mountain. It opens an impressive view to the Pirin and Belasitza peaks as well as to the famous Melnik pyramids — hill-like formations constituted from the erosion of the sandy clay soil surrounding the town. The present monastery building dates back to XIX century. The monastery temple is a remarkable cultural monument. The oldest inscription on the murals dates back to 1597. There is an interesting wooden-carved altar, highly valued icons, frescoes, and stained glass to the eastern part of the church. There is also an exhibition displayed in the monastery building.

Melnik  2820
Melnik str.  55
Phone:  07437/ 2211
Mobile: 0886 731 777