Information about Melnik


        Melnik is situated in a mountainous area in the southwestern foot of the Pirin Mountain. Situated in a picturesque area 12 km southeast of Sandanski to 437 meters altitude. The climate is continental Mediterranean, with summer minimum and winter maximum of rainfall. The average annual precipitation amount is about 670 mm. Flows through the town Melnik river, left tributary of the Struma. 7 km away there is the monastery. For nature lovers there is a direct path that passes through the natural phenomenon Melnik Pyramids.

Cultural and natural attractions


    The historical museum of Melnik is situated in Pashovs house built in 1815 and consists of stone ground floor and a lounge - a total of 8 rooms. The ground floor of the museum is the main occupation of this city and region - wine from the local leaved vine. Below are photos of Melnik cellars, barrels, etc.. Related to the processing and storage of Melnik wine. The museum has a rich collection representing urban life and living during the Renaissance.

    Kordopulova house was built in 1754 by a wealthy Greek merchant family Kordopulos. It is one of the most monumental houses in the country. It is an exposition of Melnik cellar in the form of a tunnel in the rock, exposed it to huge barrels where the wine matures. Shown is its internal architecture decorated with paintings, carvings and stained glass windows.

 The monument of Yane Sandanski was built in 1972 and is located in the garden at the entrance of Melnik.

   The monastery is the biggest monastery in the Pirin region and one of the few medieval Bulgarian monasteries survived relatively intact to this day. The monastery was built in the XIII century, is located about 7 km. of Melnik in the lower part of Pirin. It offers an amazing view to the peaks of Pirin and Belasitza, and the famous Melnik melove - located around the town pyramidal hills formed by soil erosion. The current monastery building from the XIX century monastery church is a remarkable monument. The oldest inscription on the wall paintings of the 1597's church has an interesting iconostasis, frescoes and stained glass in the eastern part. In the monastery building an exhibition.

Melnik Pyramids


Melnik Pyramids are rock formations, which are among the most visited by tourists rock pyramids on the territory of Bulgaria.

Located in the foothills of the southwestern part of the Pirin Mountains. Area than the pyramids themselves, encompasses a huge amount of other rock formations such as rock sponges, needles, cones and more. The most popular among them are a group of pyramids, located near the village Kurlanovo.


   Melnik Pyramids in height 100 m is typical for their appearance is that their slopes are sandy and in places almost vertical. Tips of growing broadleaf plants and grasses. Declared a landmark in 1960.

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