For all who organize visits of natural and historical sites in the area, tourists, lovers of cycling march - walk along the trails in the Pirin Mountains and mountain hikes.

Cycling routes


1. G. Melnik-Vinograd-to-Harsovo Kapatovo-Marikostinski spas (biking and spa treatments) - 20 km

The route is entirely asphalt and can be used by tourists with low physical fitness. Most of the road is flat and slightly downhill sections. Climbing (climbing) is only about 600-800 m at Vinograd. There are about 2 km along the E79 highway. The aim is to combine cycling with spa treatments at the mud baths in the village Marikostinovo.

When do the climb in Vinograd, after a short break can check all the mountains that surround the lower valley of the Struma, namely: Pirin Slavianka Ali Boot, Belasitza, fencing and Maleshevska Mountain.

Visit the chateau "Golden Rozhen"-s. Kapatovo

Transition to the village Marikostinovo-spa: spa mud (2x 15-20 min) - are useful for strengthening the musculoskeletal system.

Harvesting with organized transport to the hotel "Sveti Nikola" - Melnik.

2. -Roger-Melnik Melnik Monastery, Monastery "Reverend Stoyna"-s. Katuntsi - 20 km

a) velorazhodka around Melnik, visit Kordopulova house, the Clock Tower and Despot Slav fortress;
b) visit Rozhen monastery;
c) climbing a natural tunnel m / t Rozhen village and Molvishte;
d) visiting the monastery "Reverend Stoyna"

Route description:


1. Departure from the hotel "Sveti Nikola" - Melnik and visit Kordopulova house, which is located 1.5 km from the start.

2. Passing Clock Tower * and climb for about 30 minutes to the chapel "clear zone" and Despot Slav fortress.

3. Scenic Drive - 6 km. through the village of Melnik Kurlanovo while taking pictures of the most beautiful sandy pyramids near the village Rozhen. This is a pleasant route. The road passes through beautiful landscapes, filled with natural phenomena and historical sites. From Melnik path gradually climbs crosses unique Melnik Pyramids and sandstone and enters the young oak forests that higher change with beech and conifers.

4. After a short break to climb another 1.5 km to Melnik Monastery. Review and a brief explanation of the group leader.

5. Is 6 km downhill from monastery to monastery, Melnik "Reverend Stoyna" Zlatolist in the village, a short story by the driver.

6. Harvesting group organized transport to the hotel "Sveti Nikola" - Melnik


a) The route is varied and about 70% on rugged terrain.
b) It is necessary to drive with mountain bikes.
c) Participants should be in good physical preparation cycling for travel purposes.

The positive of this route is that for 6-7 hours we combine a good workout, considering the unique natural, cultural and historical sites of national and international significance.

Participants will receive a good physical training, many impressions will touch some very beautiful and unique natural beauty. You will gain an understanding and knowledge of the history and cultural heritage of Melnik.


Melnik Monastery - Melnik - 6 km.
Melnik Monastery - Monastery "Reverend Stoyna" - 8 km.

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